07 November 2009

A completely unrelated rant

I love autumn, I love winter.
These things are not in dispute, nor will they ever be. My love of these seasons has been strong since I was tiny. I'd always be jumping in puddles when it rained, and hiding under trees in sunny weather.

But, like the fly in the ointment, there is always something that ruins my love of a "good, soft day". You people!

Yes, that's right, I'm talking to all you louts with the golf umbrellas! Seriously, how much rainless air do you really need around you to ensure you avoid the damp? Is the whole path enough? Would you like me to walk on the road to give you more space? Do you even realise how many people have to swerve around your gigantic frame. Those spikes are dangerous, you know? Should you really be wielding them with such abandon?

Golf umbrellas, used anywhere but on a golf course (and even then, sometimes...) are obnoxious. They're huge, loud and and not, not, not suitable to Dublin's streets.

Thank you for your time.


  1. I try to be a conscientous big umbrella users (small ones crumple in the wind at home); cannot stand when people carry their closed large umbrella under arm so that it sticks in other people trying to also get on the bus or out of dart station etc. *hugs*

  2. Oooh, yes, I forgot that. That's a pain, too.

    Or people who poke their brollies out a shop door and shake it all over you as you enter the shop!

    oooh, I hate that.



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