02 November 2009


When one project goes completely bust, there is nothing better in life than to pick up the hooks, have a rummage in the stash and create something new and beautiful, breathing life back into a mind that had become completely fugged with despair.

This is exactly what I did today. Still low, frustrated and feeling sorry for myself after the failure of Clothgate, I set about to make my third crochet glove pattern this season.

After some fiddling with cuff motifs last night, I hit upon a simple, easy and very cozy pattern idea, and today, I give you Oxidise, using my much-loved Twilley's Freedom Spirit yarn, in their most gorgeous rusty-red colour.

The ribbing is very springy and hugs my arms with just the right amount of strength. I can be sure no draughts will go sneaking up my sleeves with these babies on!

As usual, this pattern will be available for a fiddly $2.00 on Ravelry and on Etsy, too.

And now, with the life breathed back into my mind, perhaps it's time I unpacked...

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