25 November 2009

And introducing: Dragon Skin - left hand correction

Well, the boyfriend is deep in bowls of Assasins Creed II, on the X-box, so these images took a bit longer than I'd like to upload. I'm going to go ahead and blame him for the delay... it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with my need to eat muffins this morning.

Muffins, we had none.

So, they had, just haaaad to be baked.

Anyway, without further ado:

Left hand:


  1. I love the new 'look' of the blog!

  2. Thanks, hon. : )
    I finally decided to go with the old saying that a graphic designer should never, ever design their own stuff. It takes way too long, and always comes out horrible, so I got these people to do it!

    (they have some lovely free templates)



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