10 October 2009

Our Time Has Come!

I'm delighted, thrilled, ecstatic, and yes, chilled to the bone.

Autumn, ladies and gentlemen of the fibre persuasion. Autumn. The season we've all been working towards for the past six months or so. Finally, all our hard graft, all those hours squinting at needles, hooks, spindles will pay off. Now, at last, we can be truly, un-equivocally... smug.

Our feet will stay warm, our necks will not suffer stiff breezes, our ears will not be numbed by biting chills, our fingers will remain rozy no matter how long we wait for the bus on a crisp morning, clutching a half-demolished umbrella against the worst Ireland can throw at us!

Now, is the time to truly show off our skills.
Now, we are kings!

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