13 October 2009


As I have previously mentioned, I come from a big family. Big.
As I may also have mentioned in the past, I'm no longer working for the man, but for myself, freelance, as a graphic and clothes designer, with all the taxes and bills and headaches to go with it. This has left me, well... strapped.

With a family this large, and the large family being rather close-knit, it seemed inevitable that at some stage, a family member would get engaged and I would happily accept the invitation to the wedding, because, as previously mentioned, my family is close. Cousins are brothers and sisters we just don't see that often, but when we do: whooo. It's great fun!

With this thought firmly entrenched in the mind, I have the pleasure to announce that way back, near the start of the year, I was told that my beautiful American cousin, Heather was engaged, and that the wedding was planned for the autumn. In New York. With all the family in attendance.

"Great!" the little voice in my head goes. "An Irish wedding in New York! This is going to kick-ass!" I started figuring out what to wear, what to get the happy couple, how I could ensure I could afford the flights, and then it struck me; that wave of fresh, new inspiration that comes to us crafters. "I'm going to make them their wedding present!"

"I have ages", I mused. Months and months to plan, prepare, crochet something timeless, something beautiful, original, and made just for them. It had to be useful, and not-too-fussy. My family, in general, don't go in for flounce. But, it had to be Irish, and it had to speak to me. I set about making plans to put together a simple Irish Crochet Lace motif, to edge a small table cloth. And the best bit of all, I had enough crochet cotton to wrap around the world several times over, and probably to take in the moon, too. I'd had it for years and years. It wasn't shiny or hard, and would make a beautiful addition to any new home.

And so, in earnest, I began to make little daisies with five dainty little petals, linking them petal-to-petal as I went until I had a short, garland-type thing going on. "This is great", I mused, feeling very smug.

"This'll take no time at all..."

Current Clothgate-related stress level:
I think I'll be ok...

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