07 October 2009

Meet Patrick - Crochet Thread Bear Pattern

I took a few days off from working as a graphic designer, recently, to relax and enjoy the end of the summer. In the evenings, I decided to take up my lace-weight hooks again, and create a traditional teddy bear, miniature.

First his body was made, then his head. I added his nose and smile, and I knew I had a special little guys on my hands. I had christened him Patrick before he even had ears, because, let's face it, an Irish bear couldn't really be called anything else! He's a full 13cms tall, making him teeny tiny, and dead fast to crochet for those last-minute gifts we all forget about on occasion!

His pattern is easy to follow, comes with full assembly instructions, and is available here and here.

He's a little show-off.


  1. Awww he's so cute!!!

    Would you be able to use thicker wool and make a bigger bear, using the same pattern?

  2. He says "Thanks", Sparrow.
    He's a very polite little bear.

  3. Absolutely! The stitches will be more visible, but he'd make a great big bear. Just have to make sure the hook size lets you do nice, tight stitches with no gaps between them.

    He'd be super cute in the shop's Brown Sheep Worsted, actually...



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