07 October 2009

Friday Fibre Fun

So, Friday saw the inaugural meet-up of the Friday Fibre Fun group, in the Tea Garden on Ormond Quay in Dublin, and I was delighted with the turnout.

Most of the evening was spent discussing this book, that Deirdre kindly brought along.

The cover alone is enough to make any modern knitter wince, but it just got worse and worse the more pages we turned. I can only imagine that these were fashoinable at some stage, but I have to thank the powers that be that I never spent the time, nor begged anyone to spend the time making these for me.

I have never been so glad to have been unfashionable in the 80's!

We have decided to run another meet-up on Friday week, that's the 16th of October, again at half six.

We hope to see you there for fancy tea and yummy fibre!

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