17 October 2009

Clothgate : Part II

Previously, on Clothgate:

"I have loads of time!" squealed the over-confident crocheter, blissfully unaware of her inability to make time fluid, and force it to flow in the opposite direction. "Sure, I'm fast!", she added, equally ignorant to the fact that her fingers and wrists may have something to say about that down the line...

And now, the continuation:

So, I've been crocheting like a fiend, and I'm doing quite well. As this crappy photo proves; before panic started to set in, I was at Point 1; two days ago, I had all but reached Point 2; and thanks for last night's Fibre Fun Friday, I have reached the end, wherein all the bits have been connected.

You may notice the conspicuous addition of orange on one side. Let me explain before you judge me as tasteless in the ways of soft furnishings, your honour:

I have almost run out of white cotton, a white cotton for which I am most certainly guilty of losing the band (but really, high judge of the supreme court of taste and decency, after 7 or 8 years, who among us wouldn't have lost it?), and am pretty sure no matte, cotton thread of a similar weight exists in Ireland anymore, so I had two choices; Use a similar weight white thread, that's shiny, making it look exactly like the mistake I admit I had made, or use a different colour and make it look intentional.

And, I mean, really, would you have done differently, under the circumstances?

So, here I am. I have two of the bigger motives, and three of the smaller ones left to do. Once they're safely in their new homes, I'll be tacking the edging onto some nice tablecloth material. Thereafter, any time I may (hah! funny) have left, will be used to add an edging to the whole shebang. The edging will necessarily be in the orange, thus tying all the orange motives together in one, long, solid-colour band.

This... I hope... will look spectacular.

Current Clothgate-related stress level:
I never wanna see my 2mm hook again.

1 comment:

  1. I am frankly far more interested in the huge bolt of lightning that is piercing the cloth-in-progress. Save it! Protect the cloth!!



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