28 September 2009

A Quick Knit Note

For any of you lucky enough to live in the Dublin area, myself and playing with fi(b)re have decided to start a knitting group in the city centre. The plan for the inaugural meet-up is to meet at the Tea Garden at half six, for fibre, tea and a lovely atmosphere!

The place itself is very unique - though I believe there are many similar places on the continent - and serves the finest teas from around the world in an array of pots, glasses and gourds.

The place itself doesn't close until around midnight, so it very much has the advantage of not rushing us out of there early.

If you fancy attending, why not drop us a line, or if you just happen to be passing by, pop in and say hello. We'd love to see you!

Edit, thanks for Aileen:

Err, yes, I am an idiot...
This Friday, the 2nd of October...



  1. This sounds great but err... what day/date?!

  2. I can't make it this week, but maybe another time :)

  3. You've done so well with all the thinking/organising I think you can be forgiven for that one little slip-up. I thoroughly look forward to it!



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