09 August 2009

Yarn Goodness

It seems I am capable of dying roving, spinning it on my lovely wheel to lace-weight and (oh, yes...) navajo-plying it to 4-ply -weight without too much difficulty. This, as you can imagine pleases me greatly. I have accomplished a thing for the day.

I'm just not sure what it wants to be yet. Suggestions?

Now, I can sit back and work on my stash-buster* skirt some more.


And N-Plyed:

* There will be pictures and an explanation of this in a few days when I have enough of it done to make sure it's a viable plan.


  1. This yarn look sooooo yummy! I can only hope that someday my spinning will turn out this nice! (I still get lumps... bleh)

  2. Well done you! it certainly looks like a successful experiment - I look forward to seeing what you knit/crochet with it. You make me want to try food-colouring dyes now too!

  3. How very strange, Eimear. It was you who tempted me into dying in the first place, after all your yummy Tour De Fleece dying.

    Ah, the circle of life... : )

  4. I'm such otaku... check tinyurl.com/nm9grx

    Cute and geeky.



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