05 August 2009

Tension Magazine

There is very little in this world I love more than new adventures.

Whether that be a trip to the supermarket, a lovely new packet of flower seeds, new shoes, or an inkling of an idea for a new pattern, I get all giddy. The world seems a bit newer, exciting, sparky.

And I have to take my hat off to Josi Hannon Madera, Julie Armstrong Holetz and Laura Killoran who are starting their own, kick-ass crochet magazine. From what I've heard, it's going to feature interesting recipes, great fashion and deliciously challenging crochet (and maybe the odd knitting...) patterns for the more advanced crocheter. And I say; about time something like this happened! Crochet magazines in general haven't really dragged themselves out of the poncho-years yet; boxy patterns in thick, unflattering yarns still happen way too often; and it's lovely to see these three, talented women striking a blow for awesomeness.

I, for one, shall be subscribing.

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