07 August 2009

A baffling moment...

You know those moments in your life when you're not sure why you just did what you did. That awesome split-second decision to reach out and stop a vase from toppling over, or the baffling moment when, after watching way too much telly late into the night, your hand decides enough is enough and reaches for the off remote in the middle of a lengthy Cheers marathon.

I love those moments.

I had one last night. Without knowing why, I got up, locked my apartment, walked half a mile down the road, turned right, strolled into the chipper and ordered dinner. I handed over money, got my food and walked home. Crazy, eh? I'm still not completely sure what prompted me to take that unusual and baffling series of actions...

1 comment:

  1. ehm... I think we have a psychic link of some sort. I had chips for dinner last night too. No photos though!




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