29 July 2009

Why do we love yarn so much?

I was in work yesterday, putting labels on some lovely, squooshy new aran-weight Craftspun Yarn, spun in Kildare. It smelt so sheepy, felt so soft and just shimmered with the new-wool shine that makes me wanna make stuff, and I thought... what IS it about yarn that makes me go all giddy, and more importantly, why doesn't it happen to more people?

The smell of yarn, to me, is something I can't get enough of, but I'm not all that sure why... all I know is that I want to stick my nose into the middle of the biggest, squooshiest skein of yarn I can find and leave it there.

Is it the promise of a million unique projects that makes us yarn-happy?
Is it simply that we're all slightly cracked in the head?


  1. I definitely think you're on to something wiht the 'cracked' theory.

  2. OOOOOOOHHHHH!!! Yarn! I love yarn! Your blog is even better than mine and mine is pretty good.

    I learned everything I know about crochet from the Readers Digest Book of Needlework. I know how to crochet a pair of Child's Dungerees.

    It's 70's-tastic


  3. I'm nuts about yarn, nothing makes my hands want to create something as bad as yarn; I'm also looking for a cure:)



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