18 July 2009

Self-patterning yarns, and why they are the devil's work.

It is my honest belief that self-patterning yarns hate crochet!

A strong statement, perhaps, but nonetheless totally true. What other explanation can there be for some of the finished garments out there that look like they've been through an epic battle with a bucket of paint... and lost?

It's a truth yet to permiate many crocheters sensibilities that the vast majority of self-patterning yarns were designed for knitting, and the longer stitches that crochet often produces are just not pretty when worked up on anything but the more gradual of colour changes. It makes me cry inside to see so many lovely patterns, originally designed to be made in solid colours, totally ruined with patches of colour. It jangles the senses. Crochet at its core creates a far more textured fabric than knitting. Highly textured patterns often don't lend themselves well to abrupt colour changes. At the most fundamental level, this is what bother me.

That said, I'm trying to get over my distaste for self-patterning yarns by trying to break up the colours in Wendy Happy (Colourway:Virgo) with crochet moss stitch in a simple wrap-around vest top.

Photos to follow later, if I like what I've produced. : )

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