22 June 2009

New to Crochet?

I've had a fair few knitters come up to me lately, to tell me that they're thinking of taking up crochet, now that they see from my recent overflow of designs (I go through phases) that it's not all granny-squares and amigurumi.

Crochet is more versatile than many knitters think. And I think that's simply because most of them are needle-blind, much as I was hook-blind up until last year. The sentence "That's a lovely pattern, but sure, I can do something similar in crochet anyway" crossed my ignorant lips time and again when looking at beautiful knitted pieces. Then, my eyes were opened by socks.

All it takes is one moment, and hopefully for those knitters out there who have shown an interest, I can help them find that moment. I'm going to be adding simple lesson patterns to my blog over the next while, including photos, notes and a full project to make. We'll start super easy, for those who don't know one end of a hook from the other, and work our way up to some lovely finished pieces.

I hope you'll join me on this little adventure!


  1. I'm there! Sounds very exciting - am looking forward to it :D

  2. This sounds interesting, in spite of my wee head start lesson... and potentially a whole new addiction (must list the WIPS too!!)



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