16 June 2009

Baby Bear Band

Working today, we had the pleasure of setting out lots of gorgeous new Dublin Dye Company yarns, among them a personal favourite, Teal Appeal. It's a rich mix of teal and a hot pink that just zings. At the bottom of the delivery bucket I noticed a tiny little skein of Teal Appeal. I remembered this particular skeinlette well as Yvonne - Dublin Dye Company master dyer - had presented it for naming only a week ago.

So, unable as we were to sell it, I decided to make up a small sample with it. And thus was born a tiny little baby hairband, with bear ears. Once I get some photos of the finished product, I'll have it for free download on Ravelry, but until then, just imagine, if you will, the cuteness of a baby in bear ears.

= cute

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