07 January 2009

My New Year's Wish? a 28-hour day, please?

When I have time, I should run up a few nice felted crochet flower brooches and pop 'em in Etsy

Huh. Yea. Like I have time!
On the needles/hooks at the moment, we have Socks for Mam made from Twiley's Freedom Spirit in red/orange and green, jumper for the boyfriend in red and black stripes (or was in black and grey? I better check before I start), a crochet pattern for a magazine to be finished soon, and a Kitty Hat for myself!

To top it all off, I caught the dreaded 'flu over Christmas, leaving me with no energy to finish off some of my Christmas gifts on time. I start my presents in November, and still not done on time. Typlical, eh?

But, I want to populate my Etsy* shop more. It looks so empty right now.

*Off topic, How do you pronounce it? "EEEYT-sy" "eht-SY"? I'm never sure how to say it.


  1. Ha! You sound like me... only not the sickness part.

    And I've always pronounced it ''eht-SY", but I could be wrong.

  2. short e. EHT-sy.
    don't know what it means, though. bet that would be interesting to know--feel better soon. it's hard being sick at the holidays.



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