12 January 2009


I also have the hat pattern that Sparrow mailed me to knit up, run off arm-warmers to match and pop them on Ravelry...
Busy me!

Also in the news today - Guilt.

I didn't make it to the Jordan family dinner on Sunday, which had been originally postponed because a lot of the Jordan side of my family (my Mam's side) were down with the 'flu over Christmas. Still, my presents got handed out in my absence and yesterday evening I got a call from my aunt to thank me for the scarf I made her. "And I believe you spun the wool too..." Eer. I didn't have the heart to say "No", that it was, in fact, some lovely Manos Del Uruguay silk blend... or I didn't have the wherewithal at the time to say "No". I'm not sure which.

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  1. Oh good. I was wondering if I had actually sent that, or if I just thought about sending it... lol



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