15 January 2009

Opposite medicine

My sister and I had a theory when we were little: "Opposite Medicine" we called it. And it went thus: If you say one thing, the opposite will happy. This particularly counts when you're wishing out loud, though secret wishes are exempt.

So, saying in front of my parents out of the blue "Oh... Wouldn't be be terrible is we got Fish and Chips for dinner!" would often work better than asking for Fish and Chips.

I had no idea it could backfire so relentlessly on me, though.
In the middle of December I started to take extra vitamins and minerals, to bolster my immune system. A day or two later, I caught a does of the 'flu, two weeks later, I'm laid up with a chest infection.

I think I had better stop trying to look after myself; It's killing me!

12 January 2009


I also have the hat pattern that Sparrow mailed me to knit up, run off arm-warmers to match and pop them on Ravelry...
Busy me!

Also in the news today - Guilt.

I didn't make it to the Jordan family dinner on Sunday, which had been originally postponed because a lot of the Jordan side of my family (my Mam's side) were down with the 'flu over Christmas. Still, my presents got handed out in my absence and yesterday evening I got a call from my aunt to thank me for the scarf I made her. "And I believe you spun the wool too..." Eer. I didn't have the heart to say "No", that it was, in fact, some lovely Manos Del Uruguay silk blend... or I didn't have the wherewithal at the time to say "No". I'm not sure which.

: |

07 January 2009

My New Year's Wish? a 28-hour day, please?

When I have time, I should run up a few nice felted crochet flower brooches and pop 'em in Etsy

Huh. Yea. Like I have time!
On the needles/hooks at the moment, we have Socks for Mam made from Twiley's Freedom Spirit in red/orange and green, jumper for the boyfriend in red and black stripes (or was in black and grey? I better check before I start), a crochet pattern for a magazine to be finished soon, and a Kitty Hat for myself!

To top it all off, I caught the dreaded 'flu over Christmas, leaving me with no energy to finish off some of my Christmas gifts on time. I start my presents in November, and still not done on time. Typlical, eh?

But, I want to populate my Etsy* shop more. It looks so empty right now.

*Off topic, How do you pronounce it? "EEEYT-sy" "eht-SY"? I'm never sure how to say it.


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