03 December 2008

It's amazing how...

...one single laugh can make the difference in a day.

Today in work is "the usual". No time, mistakes needing rectifying, last-second text changes, demanding customers and even more demanding deadlines. It's usually enough to ruin what could have been a perfectly good day.

But. Today has quite literally been saved in the space of a few seconds.

We have a gentleman in at the moment, speaking to our customer service about printing stationery. I had occasion to walk up to the counter as he asked "So, you really can print on anything?" Paula nodded agreement and I said "If it sits still for five minutes, we'll print on it" He laughed this deep, genuine belly laugh that truly sounded like happy thunder. The timbre of his African accent just added to the moment.

His first name apparently, is Triumphant; And truly, he is.
Nice going, sir.

I've also spun 80 metres of this on my wheel. It's 3-ply (my first) and was spun from shetland roving.

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