11 December 2008

I am a nincompoop

/ˈnɪnkəmˌpup, ˈnɪŋ-/ [nin-kuhm-poop, ning-]
a fool or simpleton.

I'm almost finished Nana's Sock number two, and what do I discover? I've knit a SECOND RIGHT SOCK! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, even the smallest mental knitting acrobatics are beyond me! I completely forgot to move the cable part of the pattern over to the other side of the foot.

So, the question hangs in the air, ever so ominously:
To frog, or not to frog?


  1. Surely nobody would notice but you.

    Or, you could make 2 left socks nd give her 2 pair.

  2. I'm sure no-one else WILL notice, but I know. I'll look guilty!

    But that'll have to be the plan, I'm afraid; I'm not a speedy knitter. : )



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