03 November 2008

Somewhere... beyond the sea...

So, The Knitting and Stitching Show 2008 in the RDS, Dublin was great. I stepped into the hall and the smell that greeted me was wolly, silky and incredibly fluffy. I went in knowing full well that I may end up coming out with light pockets and a bulging bag, so the fact that I bought a good lump of beautiful silk roving, two balls of lovely yarn from my new favourite shop This is Knit, a skirt and having attended a very charming lesson on spinning with silk, did not leave me reeling any more than expected.

I'm sure the shock will hit me when my Visa bill comes in, but it's not as if I spend money on tonnes of drink, or have an unhealthy addiction to gossip magazines, so I think I should be allowed to splurge now and then on crafts. I'm writing it all off as "Christmas Present Shopping", anyway. I'm giving it all away, so I don't have stash-guilt.

My sister's Beyond the Sea hat is coming along nicely. I have affixed the top to it and
added some shape. All I need now is to add a small, not-overly-fancy motif to the side and I'll have a finished piece. "Somewhere Beyond The Sea" hasn't stopped ringing around in my head, either. Luckily, it's not annoying me at all... yet.

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