06 November 2008

Etsy Peasy

Well, I did it. I put my first ever item on sale on etsy.com The photo quality isn't great, but that's because I did it myself. Hopefully, this weekend I'll be able to rope a better photographer than me into helping me, in exchange for home-made chocolate fudge.

Homespun, silken crochet flowers. I know there is a demand out there for this sort of item, so with luck I'll get to sell these three little pretties. It's just a test, really. If they do sell I'll feel confident enough to fill up my listings with other flowers, other colours, set of flowers and that sort of thing. Who knows where it might go from there!


  1. congrats! i'm building up to do my first etsy posting as well, so i know what a big accomplishment it it to get an item up! and, btw, i've totally been craving fudge lately...


  2. Thanks, craftyard!
    It's actually quite exciting, seeing your own work up on etsy. Bonus, I just sold my first item, too!

    And as soon as I find a fudge recipe that works for me, I'll be posting it, so keep your eyes peeled!



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