13 November 2008


I had a moment of pure glee yesterday. I went from super-grump-work-lady to happy-fairy-glee-girl in about the amount of time it takes to check your email. I sold a pattern on etsy!

It's given me a forward momentum that last night lead to me starting a new hat when I should have been tucked up in bed. Still, I love how it's turning out; the yarn is quite thin, and I'm using a small hook, so it looks and feel very dainty; the dusky, misty blue of the kid mohair looks really pretty in daylight when contrasted against the raspberry red.

I still don't know what shape it will end up, but I'm going to stay away from the average beanie shape. I'm looking to make something with a little more "poof" to it, maybe a beret, or a snood-type hat.

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