20 November 2008

Craft-related injuries

We've all had them, right?
You accidentally stand on an up-turned pin cushion in socks,
Sit with knitting needles in your pocket,
Yarn-burn from holding tension too tight,
But the most common injury must be RSI, Repetitive Strain Injury. We all know it; that dull ache in a joint that tells you you really should stop making that shawl right now or you're in for trouble. We all battle through with the type of justification that would make a three-year-old seems silly "Just going to finish this line..." "I just want to see what a full leaf pattern looks like in this yarn..." "If I stop know I won't remember where I am in the pattern".

The next morning, you're searching, one-handed for a sling; or some sort of tape to buddy your sore, strained finger to the one beside it; or you've got a hot water bottle perched on your shoulder.

And still your fingers twitch. They remember the glee they had felt playing for hour after hour with that gorgeous yarn. And they want more.

This happened to me. Again.

And I'm only about an inch into the sock pattern that caused it.
Death by knitting? I'm starting to wonder how there aren't more cases each year...

It's not as bad as the time I managed to seriously pull a series of ligaments in my right shoulder from one, small session of hand-carding. The physiotherpaist I saw about it said she hadn't seen so injured a shoulder in ages, and she volunteers at all the local sports events, and is a Gealic Football team's on-site doctor.

Go me!?

In other news, Dizzy Hat is coming along well.
Arm warmers are all but done,
and I have a plan for the Swallow's Tale Pixie Scarf.


  1. our own Allyoops is suffering like this right now, go have a read on Knit Me! Amigurimi! and totally sympathize. she's a really hard core addict. me, I only stopped last night because I knew it was going to snow. the spot where I broke my arm when I was 12 was aching, but just a few more rows---

  2. I'm currently resisting the urge to pick up my needles and cast on for your arm warmer pattern, because my wrists are aching already. But I know I will eventually give in anyways...

    Maybe more coffee will help? lol

  3. I worked through the pain, and finished a whole sock!

    I'm now forcing myself to stop the knitting and work on my crochet spiral hat pattern instead.

    We'll see how well that plan works!



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