10 November 2008

Ah, fudge!

There comes a day in every crafty lady's life when hooks, needles and fibre just aren't enough to nourish the soul. There comes a moment in the pattern of time when a person realises is won't be possible to give everyone she knows a hand-made present for Christmas.

That moment happened to me this weekend. Epiphany, moment of truth.

And in this moment I decided how I was going to garnish my presents this year; novelty-shaped fudge pieces. So, I tried my paw at it.

All went great for a while. Using this recipe, converted to European measurements, I made a good stab at playing with sugar and chocolate. Course, the conversion still kept with the US penchant for volume over mass, so I had to measure out my butter in mls, instead of grammes or ounces. I suspect this was my undoing; instead of delicious, creamy chocolate fudge, I got delicious, creamy chocolate fudge sauce.

Still, it was awesome on ice-cream, so all was not lost!

Next time, I'll try and use a recipe designed for the European brain. I may have better luck with this, or this. I should stop searching for sweet recipes now.

Butter Fudge

Chocolate Candy

Turkish Delight.

Also, the Beyond The Sea hat is done, complete! I've got the pattern written out and I'm just waiting for a fair-weather weekend day for photo-taking activities. Once I have that sorted, I can make the pattern available on Ravelry. Wonderful!

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