20 October 2008


OK. I have got the handle on this, now. My poor drop spindles lie idle as I sit, watch (or rather listen to) BBC's show, QI and spin away on my Baynes Wheel. It's funny just how soothing it can be when it goes right. At the start I was spinning a mess akin to the bed-head of an ill-kepmt Rastafarian, but now I'm gaining skill at it and only end up with the occasional moments of panic as I spin too thin and the string breaks.

I got this lovely merino / silk blend roving last week from this lovely seller on ebay. It took a while to get used to spinning with silk as it spins very differently from the merino rovings to which I had become accustomed. I can't seem to get the handle of long-draw spinning with it (though is it the method I most prefer when I have fleece that behaves itself); it bunches up too often, so I have reverted to a much shorter draw, and a slower spin of the wheel. It seems to be working and is producing a most lovely, soft plyed yarn.

Ideally, I'd love to be able to spin enough yarn to work into Christmas presents. I guess, starting in October gives me a decent amount of time... but who, I ask you, deserves a homespun AND homemade gift? That stuff's like giving away a kidney!

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