10 October 2008

Ravelry- here I come!

I have myself set up as a designer on Ravelry. I've managed to get one design up so far, and it seems to be going down well, which is very gratifying. I decided to make it free because, as my first design, I can't be sure how up-to-scratch it is. Last thing I want is people demanding their few bob back because I failed to tell them to add a slip-stitch at the end of a row!

I present; Strips of Bacon, an adventure in ribbed crochet!


  1. This is SO cute! I wish I could actually crochet without ending up wanting to chop my hand off....

  2. Thanks, hon.
    You'd be surprised how much of that top's appeal is thanks to the bf's photographic ability. But if you want to give a bit of crochet a go, give me a nod. I'd be delighted to show you around. : )



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