21 October 2008

"Look, I can eat my own nose!"

The boyfriend has started to make a puppet; so last night was spent mostly watching him carve little triangular bits off a block of upholsterer's foam. This is his first, so we're both learning as we go. Hand position was an issue, and the poor test-head ended up more full of holes than foam. Still, after much searching online, and with very little actual practical success finding real, good instructions (I assume the making of puppets is a reasonably well-guarded secret) he found a very informative page that, in conjunction with his efforts to make a pose-able head, gave us a few very decent pointers.

It seems that the foam he's using is known as "junk foam" in the industry, but as this is an experiment in puppetry, that's not an issue right now.

Still, having him turn to me and ask me what shape muppet nose I think he would have, left me giggling a little. Any answer to that question is going to be insulting, you know?

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