24 April 2008


So, I bought myself a nostepinne for winding homespun yarn. Rolling yarn into an average, everyday ball - wrapping around and around puts stress on the yarn, and leaves it stretched in a way that will ruin its elasticity - and with homespun, the last thing I'd want to do is mess it up after all that work. Plus, the yarn'll look quite groovy wrapped properly.

I got it on ebay.ie from UK Collect who I have also bought carders* and merino roving from in the past.

* A note on carding: If you haven't done it before, I would suggest you warm up your muscles first. I know, sounds lame, it's a craft after all, hardly the most energetic of past-times, but still. I carded for about half an hour my first time, and I did a right job on my pectoral and bicep muscles as a result. I'm currently seeing a sports therapist to fix the damage. She was baffled at how much of a mess I'd made of them, and she works for three Gaelic Football teams.

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