28 April 2008

Jumper Corset Skirt of Joy!

I'm finally making that skirt I have been planning ever since my green-and-black stripe jumper started to lost its shape.

I have that one, and a plain black jumper, both light knit, that I don't mind cutting up. I'm behaving myself on this - no messing. This is going to be a project I can wear to work, or on a night out. I will (repeat) not rush it; let my sewing machine run away with me; and I will use an iron to flatten my seams before I hem.

This, I swear!

24 April 2008


So, I bought myself a nostepinne for winding homespun yarn. Rolling yarn into an average, everyday ball - wrapping around and around puts stress on the yarn, and leaves it stretched in a way that will ruin its elasticity - and with homespun, the last thing I'd want to do is mess it up after all that work. Plus, the yarn'll look quite groovy wrapped properly.

I got it on ebay.ie from UK Collect who I have also bought carders* and merino roving from in the past.

* A note on carding: If you haven't done it before, I would suggest you warm up your muscles first. I know, sounds lame, it's a craft after all, hardly the most energetic of past-times, but still. I carded for about half an hour my first time, and I did a right job on my pectoral and bicep muscles as a result. I'm currently seeing a sports therapist to fix the damage. She was baffled at how much of a mess I'd made of them, and she works for three Gaelic Football teams.

23 April 2008

The AntiBear

I have discovered this great site, called The AntiCraft, full of crafty (in every sense of the word) people. Check out the forum for some intelligent, well spelt discussions covering everything from beetle jewelery to making your own spinning wheel.

Damn, they're talented.

A small revolution

I have recently discovered just how much fun spinning yarn could be (albeit a difficult thing to do while relaxing, watching telly*). I'd seen it done on telly before but had never quite been able to figure out how those magic women made all that fluff stick together into string.

I'm glad to say, now I know!

This is my second ever skein of yarn, spun on a drop spindle with merino roving from the lovely people at Kraft Mania on ebay.ie
using a warm orange and a russety brown from their colour collection. I then plyed the yarn I had spun and got this lovely two-tone effect.

*Other people in the room may get annoyed with all the movement...


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